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What About The You Know, Waste Water?

Waste water reclamation may not be foremost on your mind when it comes to shopping for your new home. Even so, understanding this process, albeit not as glamorous as hardwood flooring and granite countertops, is something every smart homeowner must know when buying a new home.

The benefits of a community waste water reclamation system.

Water Reclamation

At Henning Estates, we pride ourselves on being a conservation community. Nearly 60% of our entire community has been designated for the preservation and protection of ponds, wetlands, trees and prairie, providing a beautiful setting for you to build your new ranch home. With that at the forefront of our minds, we have chosen to invest in the cleanest, most environmentally friendly waster water management system in existence.

The EPA licensed and regulated system we have invested in offers the latest technology available surrounding community waste water. Our system is environmentally friendly, ensures the ongoing viability of our wetlands and ponds and the treatment process is completely invisible ad odorless to our homeowners.

 Who Provides Basic Utility Services?

Basic utilities are available from the areas’ most well-known providers including ComEd, Nicor and Comcast.
When it’s time to move-in to your new home, setting up your basic utility services should be a breeze.

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