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The Henning Estates Homeowners Association

Upon completion, our intimate community will have 103 ranch homes, each on a spacious 1/3 acre homesite. At Henning Estates you can enjoy the ability to use your land as you see fit. Simply follow basic guidelines set forth to ensure an esthetically beautiful community for all.

Responsibilities Of The Henning Estates Homeowners Association.


The current yearly assessment for the Henning Estates HOA is $600 / year. Responsibilities of the Henning Estates homeowners association include:

Care of retention ponds, improvements & landscaping
Maintenance of landscape in open natural easement areas
Replacement of trees & shrubbery in common areas
Maintenance of entryway monument
Annual spraying for mosquito & fly abatement
Maintenance of storm water piping
Maintenance of appurtenant structures
Maintenance & repair of waste water treatment center

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 Have You Lived in a Community With a Homeowners Association?

If you ask around to find out people’s feelings about HOA communities you’ll likely be met with a smile and a scowl, as some people love it, while others do not. The Henning Estates community HOA is designed to enhance the value and aesthetics of the community while not being too restrictive with unnecessary rules and regulations.

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