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Check references when selecting a home builder.

Are you looking for home builders in Illinois? As with any major purchase it can be stressful wondering if you’re making the right decision. Building a new home can be an exciting process and with a little extra research, you can help ensure your home builder is one of the best. Here are tips for checking references when trying to find the best Illinois home builder.

How to Check New Home Builder References

This is probably the most important step when it comes to choosing a new home builder. Even if you love the community or the location, the floor plan or the beautiful model, you must talk to references! You probably do some research before buying a car or booking a vacation, before buying a new television or even before buying a coffee maker. Remember to put even more effort in to researching the potential builder of your dream home.

Talk to homeowners living in the community. Ask them how their experience was and most importantly, ask how happy are they with the finished product. Would they recommend the builder? What were their expectations going in to the building process and looking back, what would they have done differently? Did the builder meet or exceed their expectations? Also, talk to trades who work for the builder. Ask them what they think of the building components the builder uses in the home. Do they get paid for completed work in a timely manner? Is the job site kept clean and safe?

You can also research on the Internet to find reviews of new home builders as well as building components such as types of roofing materials, windows, insulation and more. Ask what the brand names are of the materials that will be used in your home and do a little research on those as well. The luxury ranch homes in Huntley at Henning Estates were designed to feature high-end building components carefully chosen for their superior performance and value.

Finally, talk to your friends and co-workers about your home search. They may have some good recommendations or advice if they’ve built a home before. If you are on Facebook, update your status to say “I’m looking at new homes in Huntley. Anyone know any good builders in the area”? When you’re out getting your hair cut, ask your hair dresser. Ask your financial advisor. Ask your dentist! After all, building a new home is the biggest investment you’ll make. Get as much information as possible before making a commitment with one of the many new home builders in Illinois.

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